Choosing post in SSC CGL is very important in order to get the job of your choice,lots of people get confused about choosing posts,what i say is first make it clear to yourself what are your are you ready for physical test, are you ready to relocate  to Delhi as certain posts are based in delhi only or you will prefer to stay in your state compromising on post.

1)All inspector posts other than Income Tax Inspector have physical test, traditionally ITI is one of the most sought after posts & cut offs tend to be very high.
2) Posts like CSS,Railways & MEA are generally based in Delhi
3) In most cases chances of home posting is high in Auditor & Tax assistants & cut off also low being Group-C post

4)For female candidates it is suggested to go for MEA posts,CSS & Railways  among group B posts other than ITI & Inspector Postal dept if you are ready to relocate otherwise options are limited
Irrespective of male/female if a person for some reason wants to stay in state,he should ideally give Auditor & Tax assistant in high order of preference,right after choice of Group B posts.

5) Remember more posts & states you choose more wil be your chances of getting a job if u qualify & rank sufficiently higher
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